Top 7 Review For Choosing the Best Chainsaw Bar 🌟2022

If you want to buy a new chainsaw bar, you should choose the best chainsaw bar for your chainsaw. The real measure of a chainsaw bar is not an absolute parameter for determining a good chainsaw bar for your specific chainsaw. Instead, to measure a chainsaw bar properly, consider the overall cutting length. The maximum useful length of your bar, and the overall length of your bar. When you take all three measurements. You can get a general idea of what type of bar or chain you need.

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When to replace the chain saw bar?

The chainsaw bar length of a measure chainsaw bar in metric m — always assume one inch. When working with metric m, do not convert to inches when working with English m. For example, if you measure 50 cm and your chainsaw bar measures 32 inches. You would assume that the actual length is indeed 32 inches.

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But because the miter slot of your chainsaw is a quarter of an inch. You will want to convert the measurement to millimeters, hence, “500 cm”. Remember to always use centimeters and inches for measurements outside this scope.

How to measure chain saw bar?

The other measurement that is commonly used when measuring chainsaw bar lengths is the “effective length”. Which refers to the actual blade height. Or the distance from the blade’s tip to the front end of the headrail. While this measurement can be as precise as you want it to be. (it is often easier to make a template out of a card and work from this). You do not want to include this measurement in your final calculations.

The best way to compare different chainsaw bars is to stand directly over the bars. And gauge the distance between them with your fingers. Then gauge the distance to the ground with your foot. Make sure that you measure the same points on each bar and note down which ones are larger. Once you have done this. Try out as many chainsaws as possible in a variety of circumstances and conditions. And record the best and worst of each bar. This will help you pinpoint which bar is best for your purposes.

Chainsaw Bar and Chains in

The total length of your chain saw bar is not necessarily a good parameter to get to determine a chain saw bar or chain saw bar length. To measure a chain saw bar correctly, consider the cutting length. Which is basically the overall length of your chain saw bar. The parallel distance between the cutting teeth and the main blade. The chain’s overall length and the parallel distance determine the size of your chain saw bar and chain.

If you don’t have the proper chain saw bar and chain, you may be required to sharpen them yourself. This may not be the easiest thing to do. So before you try to sharpen your own chain saw bar and chains. You must find a good manual on how to do this properly and ensure you are safe. Some chainsaws, such as the Stihl chainsaws bar and Oregon chainsaw bar, come with an instructional DVD that can guide you through the process. Many other chainsaw companies offer free sharpening services on their websites. And the cost of these services is usually not too much.


The total length of your chainsaw bar is not necessarily a good parameter to get to determine a chainsaw bar or chain.

You make the right decision regarding what you need and what type of chainsaw bar and chain you should get.

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If you are thinking about purchasing one of these Chainsaw Bar, you may want to read on to learn more about the different models available and some pros and cons associated with each model.

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