Can I Put a 12-Bar and Chain on My HT 56 Pole Saw?

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The answer is a resounding yes. The newer models of STIHL Ht 56 pole saws are better suited for long jobs. They can bore through tough terrain without the use of a ladder. This feature is an excellent benefit for homeowners. But it can also pose some safety hazards. To learn how to safely use your pole saw Ht 56, read our guide below. You’ll learn about how to choose the right chainsaw for your needs and budget.

When picking a chainsaw, consider its working height.

Some models feature an adjustable working height. Others have an adjustable height, allowing you to cut through larger trees. If you’re planning to work at higher altitudes, you’ll want a pole saw HT 56 that can handle the extra weight. Be sure to measure the working height and weight to get a good idea of the right combination for your needs.

stihl HT 56 Pole Saw

A 12-bar chain can be used with your HT 56 pole saw.

You can always add them later. These saws aren’t ideal for very tall trees. They should only be used when you can reach their top. And a 12-bar can make it dangerous to work at a low height. You should also make sure. Your pole saw can be used safely. With all types of materials and types of lumber.

The working height of a pole saw can be determined by the bar length. Most pole saws have six to twelve inches of cutting bar. The eight-inch model is the most common. You can choose between a gas or electric-powered model with a longer cutting distance. By the way, gas-powered models come with the highest working heights and are more efficient for larger jobs.

HT 56 Pole Saw

Pole saws are great for cutting small and large trees. They are best suited for a low-to-mid-level height. Unlike other tools. These saws have a maximum working height of about ten to twelve feet. If you’re cutting from a high-to-mid-height tree. You need to ensure that. You don’t get hurt by extending the pole.

If you’re looking for a telescoping pole saw, check out the working height first. The working height is the overall length of the pole, plus the arm length. The arms are often two to three feet long. If the working height is ten feet, the pole saw will be seven to eight feet long from tip to tip. You can increase the working range by using a smaller or larger chain.


The answer is a resounding, yes. The newer models of pole saws are better suited for long jobs.

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